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Gulp! It's me!Yes, I know. It is the most horrific picture on here - and without any public warning whatsoever. I should be ashamed of myself. But please do make the most of it. When you have a photogenic rating as low as mine, you make pretty darn sure you don't pose for pictures too often. This one taken outside of the Blackpool Combined Association's Banquet and Ball at the Cliffs Hotel in 2009 is, I promise you, a rarity.


I won't bore you with a complete life history going back to the war years and my birth in southeast London, or tell you about my enlightening (some would say frolicking) public school days spent in Winchester. It is suffice for me to reveal my life has remained just as unpredictable and explosive as those war years. Throughout it, I have always found the time to write. Only in my early years did I ever do it for the money, and then under a whole host of fictitious names. Fictitious names? Yes, in those days it was often the only way a man could get published in women's magazines - a good source of revenue. Besides, what woman would buy a particular brassiere from a write-up by a man, even a gay one? If you bought one - sorry to hang that on you now!


Since those early days there have been books published and countless articles written under my own name. Some of these, mostly political ones, appeared online weekly under the title: 'The Bitch!' between 2001 and 2008 on the popular directory website 'AstaBGay' attracting in excess of 100,000 readers a week with an additional unknown number wherever they were syndicated. They turned up everywhere, even occasionally winning awards that I'd only find out about many months later.


Retiring to Blackpool in 2001, I continued to write. I enjoy writing - but lazily. Mostly these days I potter about doing various things to keep my mind occupied. I find pottering is enjoyable, and really it is a skill perhaps only attainable to any degree of perfection once one becomes a pensioner. At last! Maybe I have acquired a skill.


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