Michael Knell, Author of Adventure Stories, Thrillers, Horror, Occult, and Fantasy Books.

                          THE FORCES OF GREY


Simon and Tom are in the final year of school. One evening they witness a dog being killed in a car accident. There is a cottage nearby where a woman disappeared in strange circumstances. Then the boys see a mysterious figure dressed as a monk.

All is not as it should be. The boys' fears are confirmed next morning when they see the dog alive and well, at its master's feet.

Fourteen years later the secrets of the past return to haunt Simon, his wife and their child. Occult powers are raised till a finale that is horrifying and unexpected.

The print run for this book ended, but with used copies of it seen changing hands at over $90 on the Internet (and me receiving zilch on second-hand books!) it was re-published in 2006, in better quality and with a new-look cover.

The Forces Of Grey by Michael Knell
ISBN: 1897312180

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